When we have each other, we have everything.



I capture moments & memories…

As a mother of two young boys, I always find myself in the moment just trying to enjoy them. My photography is no different in style. I believe that photographs should tell a story as they are captured. Smiles shouldn’t be forced but rather brought on by laughter. Candid would be the go to word to describe how I work during my sessions, so that each moment captured was just how it happened.

I also capture all different types of sessions. I am primarily family focused, but who doesn’t love capturing a fun loving couple, or watching a one year old get their hands dirty in some delicious birthday cake? I also capture maternity sessions, military homecomings and also boudoir sessions. With boudoir sessions, make-up is included and done in-house!


 a little bit of everything else…

Not only am a mother, but I am also a Marine Corps Veteran turned full time student as well. And if that wasn’t a busy enough schedule, I support my husband who is an Officer in the Army. Our lives are anything but ordinary, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Being stationed at a military post, allows me the opportunity to meet and capture so many different types of sessions as well as all different kinds of families. Some of my favorite sessions were capturing the homecomings of soldiers who finally have an opportunity to hold their loved ones after being thousands of miles away for months. At just about every session, I find myself holding back a tear because I can just feel the emotions running through everyone.

During my sessions my goal is for you to feel as comfortable and enjoy every minute we have together. I provide guidance as well as prompts to provide you with the natural reactions and true emotion that your feeling during the time, whether it is the pregnancy glow or laughter from a quick tickle session between mom and kids. I want to make sure when your walking into the room where you hang all your photos, that when you look at them you can’t help but smile all over again.